Best coworking spaces in the center of Bucharest

If you decided to go on the adventure of freelancing or just work remotely, you probably got used to having a welcoming “office” with wifi and a power source, eventually surrounded by other people and coffee. You must also have some favourite places, maybe even...


Useful phrases in Romanian

If you are reading this, you are either really passionate about the Romanian language or going to visit Romania in the near future and want to be prepared. You are right, being able to have a basic conversation will have a positive impact on your...


How to Christmas in Bucharest

Everybody knows that Christmas is a holiday about the people around us whom we appreciate and love, but also about spending some quality time and enjoying ourselves! As most of us are free during the winter holidays, why not choose to spend this wonderful time...


How to spend the winter holidays in Bucharest like a local

If you are travelling to Bucharest during the winter holidays, you will find the locals’ practices very interesting, as Romanians value tradition very much! You can spend the holidays however you are used to or like, but you might also want to try out a...


5 places in the center of Bucharest with an intriguing history

Bucharest, the capital and commercial center of Romania, is also one of the richest cities in history in Europe, and considered by most Paris' little brother. Jump in the architectural history of earthquakes, war and communism and find out how Byzantine buildings, 16th century churches,...


Discover 5 #instagramable spots in Bucharest

Pictures are an essential part of an adventure, as they will always remind you of the fun moments, the people met and all the new places discovered - time flies by, but pictures will keep the memory of it forever. Being a professional photographer or...

restaurants in Bucharest Old Town

Top 5 Restaurants in and around Bucharest Old Town

The Old Town of Bucharest is an area worth exploring, tasting and experiencing. Take your time with everything here, from walking the narrow cobblestone streets to enjoying your dinner and your cocktails. Since we are experts on everything related to the area, we have put...

cozy room family-owned hotel Old Town Bucharest

Why You Should Forego the ‘Chain’ Experience and Opt for a Family-Owned Hotel Instead

Ever stayed in a cozy family-owned hotel? Read on to find out why you should. Don’t you just love planning for your next adventure? Choosing the destination, imagining everything you’ll see and experience and, of course, choosing your hotel. Research shows that this is, in...


How to Find the Perfect Hotel in the Bucharest Old City Centre

So you’ve decided on Bucharest for your next trip. Congratulations – what a great choice! Now that you’ve booked your flight, there’s one last thing to cross off your list – the perfect accommodation. A hotel in the Bucharest Old City Centre is the most...

family run hotel old town bucharest

New Era Hotel: Tradition and Novelty in a Family-Run Business

 They say running a hotel feels a lot like running a big family. Something new happens every day. Some days, life feels like a continuous party. Other days, a family member needs your immediate attention and you have to drop everything. And most days, it’s...