Best Romanian Wines to try out

February – the month when Cupid’s arrows are everywhere in the sky and rose perfume is in the air. Yes, it is the month of lovers, especially in Romania, where couples also celebrate a local holiday named Dragobete (as in the past, boys would play a game of running after the girls they liked and if they did reach them, the girls would give a kiss if they liked them back). The romantic dinners where people enjoy the presence of their special ones at a glass of great wine made us think about writing an article with the best local wine choices for travelers – and here it is!

When discussing wine, Romania’s great geographical position represents a huge plus when talking about good wine: it has the same latitudes as France’s main wine regions, ideal soil and climate conditions for growing grapes and the autumns here are long and gentle (which allow grapes to ripen slower and therefore to concentrate flavour).

Here you will find the most popular international grapes (such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, Pinot Noir), but also a variety of local grapes which make the best for exploring new horizons and experiencing what the locals are enjoying (here, some examples are: Fetească, Tămâioasă Românească or Fetească Neagră).

Done with the talking, let’s jump to the best wines you must try while in Romania!


1. Tămâioasa Românească (Cotnari) – White Wine

Considered among the top 2% wines in the world, Tămâioasa Românească’s (or Romanian Muscat, which is a small berried clone of the Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains – one of the oldest grape varieties in the world) name comes from the first sniff that gives off mandarin, acacia, orange and apricot (the Romanian word “tămâie” translates to “incense”). We find it a really good dessert wine – just right without being too sweet!


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2. Fetească Neagră (7Arts) – Red Wine

Coming from Dealurile Olteniei, Romania, Fetească Neagră from 7Arts is still young, but in a constant evolution. Romanians (and people all over the world who are visiting the country) enjoy it for its black fruit, plum and oak notes. It is also balanced, has medium acidity and a full body.


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3. Roze (Sole de Recas) – Rose Wine

When it comes to Roze from Sole de Recas, one thing is sure: the fruity and fresh aroma will conquer every heart (or taste buds). Rose petals, cherries, liquorice, strawberry, raspberry and so on – we’ll let you discover all of its various flavours! This is the wine you want to have by your side while enjoying a great view (just like the Old Town seen from New Era Hotel’s balcony).


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4. Brizza (Domeniul Vladoi) – Sparkling Wine

Brizza by Domeniul Vladoi is one of the best wines from Murfatlar (which is a very well known region in Romania located in the South – East) and a great choice for light meals with white meat and salads. Its colour deserves a special observation and its sweet and fruity aroma will definitely obtain a place in your personal top of wines!


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When people discuss about Romania, they don’t usually think about it as a wine producer or even having any relation to good wines at all – even though Romania is one of the oldest wine producer-countries in history and also the sixth wine producer in the world right now! So while here, why not try out some new grape varieties and explore new flavours? Our staff at the reception can also guide you to the nearest wine shop or to a restaurant with a great selection of wines – so you can make the most of a special night!