How are we welcoming our guests? With the same comfort and highest standards of cleanliness and safety, of course

The safety measures imposed by the authorities that were strictly observed by the entire country have lead the rythm of COVID-19 spreading to a descendent trend. A lot of businesses have restarted their activity, New Era Hotel being amongst them!

It is true that some things have changed, but we are doing our best to make you feel just as good at New Era Hotel, knowing that you are completely safe and that you can enjoy all our services exactly as before! Below we present the safety measures we carried out both before and after the directions imposed by the competent authorities.

Indeed, hygiene and sanitation have become much more visible recently, but you should know that hotels had plans and rules for space sanitation long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, also at New Era Hotel, the dedicated staff ensures the compliance with the strictest hygiene standards for the accommodation spaces, restaurant area, public areas, but also the areas dedicated to the staff.

Due to the pandemic, many hotels have reviewed and adapted their daily procedures to prevent and minimize risks. We, together with our hygiene solution provider, ECOLAB®, have improved the hygiene and cleaning plan and adapted it to current needs. This means that through specific training and through wall graphics we can provide our guests both with a high quality service and comfort!

For example, routine room cleaning is done only in the absence of guests, to avoid interaction; in addition, emphasis is placed on disinfection with virucidal solutions, especially on high-touch contact areas: handles, switches, telephones, remote controls, safes, bath taps and other handles or areas with a high risk of contamination. Of course, if guests use the electronic “Do not disturb” system, our staff strictly respects the confidentiality and the restriction to enter the room.

For the restaurant area, in addition to complying with the general hygiene rules, the table tops, counters, but also the buffet area are properly disinfected after used by each guest. Moreover, the placement of the furniture has been reorganized, so as to keep the minimum distance of 5 feet between the tables.

Next, the New Era Hotel staff is constantly trained in order to comply with safety regulations, their overall health status being evaluated at the beginning of each shift. Wearing gloves and masks is already mandatory in the activity, as well as in the interaction with guests or colleagues.

Last but not least, the room access cards are sanitized before each accommodation and after each guest. At the same time, public spaces, such as railings, handles, elevator buttons, as well as the reception desk, are sanitized with increased frequency.

The situation of COVID-19 certainly had a significant impact on traveling, but we treated it as a challenge and opportunity for development in our process of continuous growth. In conclusion, we want to tell you that we are happy to have you again while in Bucharest and that you can leave comfort and safety to us! 🙂

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