How to reschedule your trip like a pro

Life has made a name for itself by throwing with random or unexpected events at people that almost never go well with their initial plans – but the least we can do is stay stoic and take it as a part of nature 🙂 In addition, there are several things you can do to minimize the possible unfortunate outcomes or even avoid extra costs.

Unforeseen events, out of the blue change of plans, pure spontaneity or global virus, New Era Hotel’s got you covered!  Right below we will go through some recommendations and tips you can follow to reschedule your trip and not lose precious time or money.

Change the dates of your stay (if you already have a reservation)

In most cases, the unexpected event can ruin your initial plans, but it doesn’t mean you can’t plan on getting your holiday time back. Sure, for the moment you’ll have to postpone the trip, but you can think ahead of another good period for you.

An advantage of this option is that some travel companies or hotels offer the possibility of changing the dates – and also try to keep it cheap and short for users.

For example, at New Era Hotel we offer the possibility to change the period of your stay even if you have a prepaid reservation that can’t be modified (Prepaid NonRefundable), as we understand possible unforeseen situations of major impact and answer in a flexible way. You can change your initial reservation without additional costs for another stay before the end of 2020.

Request a full refund

If it is still uncertain when you’ll have time for your holiday or business trip or if you want to take more time to think things through, you can actually request a full refund for your stay or travel ticket.

Depending on the type of reservation you made and the hotel you chose for your accommodation, the refund option can be free or will mean an extra charge. We recommend that you carefully read the conditions of your reservation and try to opt for free cancelation offers. New Era Hotel offers its guests free cancelation services which means we can return the entire cost of the reservation without penalties.

Look for future offers

If the plans are changing, why not set for an intriguing offer? It can be helpful to research the market again and find the deals that best suit your needs. At New Era Hotel we frequently update our offers (both last minute and and early bird) so be sure to take a look on our home page for the best deals!

Pro tip: if you are not sure you’ll be able to make it for the reservation for any reason (cancelled transportation services, major changes in the economy, severe meteorological conditions that imply travel restrictions etc.) you can choose a flexible rate.

Most hotels offer “flexible rates” – the price is usually bigger compared to regular rates, but you’ll have the possibility of cancelling/ modifying the reservation with a minimum of 24 – 48 hours without any penalties.

Take into consideration other details

By now you probably guessed that at New Era Hotel we put effort into offering you the best conditions for your stay and for unexpected change of plans – but you need to also take other details into consideration.

For example, you can change the dates for your plane ticket, but it may cost additionally to do so (depending on the chosen options and the airline you’d travel with). Furthermore, we also recommend to be aware of valability dates of your documents (e.g. passport), banking or even mobile services.

Remember that rescheduling a leisure or business trip basically means making most of the preparations once again, including the examples above.

Special information regarding COVID-19

As you may know, the coronavirus pandemic has seriously impacted travel worldwide – from travel restrictions to quarantine regimes. Fortunately, the community of travel services did their best in offering a solution to everybody and many businesses offer refunds or help to their clients.

Beside the standard rigorous sanitation of the private rooms and public spaces, we also took all the safety and prevention measures recommended by the Romanian Ministry of Public Health and offered free cancelation for the bookings made during this period. We want to make sure you are safe and are happy with our services so we would be glad to offer you more information and updates if you have any question 🙂